Our Values


Nest’s products have integrity.

Nest’s products are beautiful and have integrity. Made with organic cotton, bamboo, soy, tencel, and other sustainable or recycled fibers, our clothing lasts for years and does not conform to the sometimes disposable nature of modern fashion. Our candles are made with only essential oils and soy wax – never with petroleum-based paraffin, synthetic perfumes, or animal-derived ingredients. Our greeting cards utilize recycled paper and are acclaimed as being one of the most unique collections available anywhere. Our organic cotton baby clothes and stuffed animals will enchant you!

We support artists who are meticulous with their craft and create innovative wearable and functional home pieces. We only work with companies that treat their global workers fairly, providing a living wage and a safe working environment.

When shopping at Nest, you can be confident that you are choosing from the finest sustainable and thoughtful products, because we do the research for you.

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